Sonic The Hedgehog

This movie had some really bad press right out of the gate. They had to go back and redo the entire look of Sonic after the first trailer had dropped. Thankfully they did because the final look of Sonic was so much better and really brought this character to life. Walking into the theater, I really had no expectations of the film except that it would be a simple kids movie with some of the 90’s Jim Carrey sprinkled in.

This film delivers exactly that, a fun family film with a simple premise and Jim being off the wall. This really works well for the film as it takes a side scrolling game from my childhood and makes it a well thought out video game film. Ben Schwartz gives a great voice over performance for Sonic. This coupled with another great performance for James Marsden really drives this movie forward. The film knows exactly what it is and stays true to the world that it has set up. It seems that this film had all the right pieces fit together.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a fun filled family film that will surprise and delight the entire family. With some great comedy and heart, Cinema Wise gives Sonic the Hedgehog a 2.25 out of 5. The film is leaps and bounds better than what I expected.

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