The Invisible Man

This film was one I was looking forward to seeing as it is a modern take on a classic movie monster. The Invisible Man is one of those characters and films that took cinema to new heights. However, I was worried that the film would be too on the nose as the trailers appeared to tell the story through a serious issue; domestic abuse. The film does a great job of making it organic to the story and not forced.

While I do believe this is a good film, I did see some plot holes. In addition, there are some things that are shown way too early and give away some of the twists later in the film, making the plot a bit predictable. I also believe that this film lacks the development of our antagonist. They rely on the β€œtrust me” method when I felt there could have been a flashback scene used to develop the character of Adrian more fully.

The film relies on Elisabeth Moss’ performance and a really tense score. The film has the music turned up to eleven and there are a lot of panning shots that are practically showing nothing.  Elisabeth Moss carries this film on her back and gives a great performance. 

The Invisible Man is a fresh take on a classic story. It is tense and will have you waiting for something to happen. The film is worth the viewing in theaters. Cinema Wise gives the Invisible Man a 3 out of 5.

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