After viewing the trailer for this film, I still wasn’t sure what the movie was about. The trailer seemed messy and left me unsure of what to expect. However, when I got into the film, I really enjoyed my viewing experience. The story is set in a suburban fantasy world, and all the different creatures makes this world feel lived in. The story is a quest film, so it follows the usual beats you would expect to see.

The story follows the adventure of two Elf brothers, Ian and Barley, trying to spend one last day with their father. The film has some great moments of laughter and some really sweet and tender moments as well. Chris Pratt and Tom Holland have great chemistry in the film. The characters are believable and I think that is what draws you in. However, I do feel like they could have used some of their side characters to heighten the overall story. Onward deals with the concept of death really well and explains it in a way that can be more palatable for children, as well as adults. The twist at the end of the movie is one that will bring a tear to your eye. 

Onward is a great film for the family, and one that I am happy to have available to watch during this pandemic that our country is facing. While I do not think I would have rushed to see this in the theater, I do highly recommend watching it on  your preferred digital streaming service. Onward is a heartwarming and enjoyable adventure for the whole family. Cinema wise gives onward a 2.75 out of 5. 

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