Equalizer 2

Here is a follow up to a movie that I had enjoyed. It is hard not to enjoy a movie with Denzel Washington as your star. The film is a great stand alone film and you will need no prior knowledge going into the film. There are minor references to the first film but it really does not go past telling you how certain characters know each other.

The movie opens with a bang and then seems to slow to a crawl and the has a pop of action here and there. It seems to be as  if they were making a dinner and didn’t want to over season the meat with salt, so they used the action sparingly. For some this might be underwhelming while others  may love the pacing. However, for this reviewer it seemed to crawl on a little too long at some points.

I found myself in a conundrum as I was having a problem with staying invested and as soon as it seemed I was getting bored they would give you some scenes with great action to pull you back in. It also helps that you have Denzel demanding your attention and he does a great job of pulling you in and investing in these characters. This film really relies heavily on its star to pull the audience in.

The Equalizer 2 is a great follow up to its predecessor and at the same time a great stand alone film. However, having some minor pacing issues as well  as a predictable plot, it is still an enjoyable film to watch. Cinema Wise Gives the Equalizer 2 a 3 out of 5. If you are not a die hard Denzel Washington fan this might be one you want to wait for on your streaming platforms instead of the theaters.

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