The Night Before

Everyone get ready for another holiday hijinks movie that actually exceeded my expectations.  I was worried when I walked into the theater that I had already seen all the funny parts in the trailers. I was wrong! The plot is simple: 3 friends are growing apart and decide to carry out their holiday traditions one last time. Through the magic of the holiday season they mature as they struggle with various problems and celebrate Christmas.

The story is pretty standard but, for a Christmas movie I just want to feel good by the end of the film so the simple plot is just fine this go round. Despite the “feel good” scenes, there are some points in the film that get pretty dark and there are some issues presented that many of us can relate to. What sets this apart from other holiday movies is how they pay homage to some of the great Christmas movies that came before it. I loved the tribute to the classics throughout this film.

The acting trio of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie is one that I originally thought twice about. Take those reserves and throw them out the window! The chemistry between these three is fantastic and carries this film. There are a lot of great cameos in throughout the film. The biggest surprise for me was Michael Shannon. He demonstrates his talent with some great comedic timing.

While there is the typical toilet humor in the film, I don’t believe it is overdone. The theater was laughing throughout the whole film. There are some big laughs for everyone and some laughs that might just be for you. Whichever way you look at it, this film has heart and has a little something for everyone.

This movie is laugh out loud funny. It is a great way to roll in the holiday season with some buddies after a couple of drinks. Cinema Wise gives The Night Before a 3 out of 5 and it has made our 2015 List of 29 days of Christmas.


This Review is by: Ryan Wolfe

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