Central Intelligence

Looks like The Rock will be in every movie on the planet going forward until the end of time. In the latest installment of his filmography we have Central Intelligence. This is essentially a buddy cop movie with The Rock and Kevin Hart. I was immediately on board for this film when it was announced. I was excited to see these two come together on the big screen as I wanted to see how they worked together. These two had so much chemistry it was amazing.

This film has a basic stock story that you could have for every buddy cop movie ever told. But, even that does not hold this film back. The chemistry between The Rock and Kevin Hart is really great. It could rival Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill from 21 Jump Street. While Kevin Hart plays the same character that he has played in all of his movie roles thus far, this is probably the best performance because it fits the character and the story very well. However, The Rock is the stand out star in the film. Every time he is on the screen he steals the spotlight. They use him very well in the film. He is still bad ass but at times you can see someone who is vulnerable and that’s what makes his character great. Plus, seeing The Rock as basically a grown kid is pretty damn funny to see.

So, while the story may be something you have seen before, the characters are really what give this film life and make it worth the watch. You will get some really good laughs out of this film. Central Intelligence is funny and worth multiple viewings (probably not in the theater but owning it on blu ray or digital download). Cinema Wise gives Central Intelligence a 3 out of 5.

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  1. Simms says:

    Can’t wait for this movie to come out!


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