Spider-man Homecoming

Spider-Man Homecoming had a big hill to climb with this being the third reboot in fifteen years. I was one who was feeling a little bit of spidery fatigue. However, I believe that Tom Holland will have people coming out to see what he can do. I believe he has breathed new life into this character for the masses.  

One of the best things about this film is that we did not have to sit through another telling of Spider-man’s origin. There were very brief explanations as to why he had his powers as well as the reason as to why the villain was doing what he was doing. It was short, sweet and to the point. The movie didn’t feel like it was dragging at any point and was paced very nicely. It was also great to see the characters develop throughout the film.

Tom Holland is by far the best Spider-Man to hit the big screen. He was kicking ass the whole time and at the same time you really believed that he was just a young kid figuring things out as he goes. They used his youth so well in the film and peppered the comedy in perfectly. The whole thing was very well crafted and the characters were really believable. Michael Keaton was another big plus for this film as the villain. He was very clear and precise in his motives and it propelled the story forward.

Spider-Man Homecoming is a fun and exciting experience in the theater but even with all the positive there is still a little lingering spidery fatigue. Cinema wise gives Spider-Man Homecoming a 3.5 out 5.

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