The Predator

This movie was a giant slap in the face to this property. The worst in the franchise thus far! I wonder what has made this property so hard to nail down with such a solid idea and a great premise for future films.

This film started off in a good direction but at every turn they seemed to leave everything that they had set up in the air and then seem to just think we wouldn’t notice. They had set up some plot points that could have been great but abandoned them soon after they showed them. The film has major problems beyond this with the character development as you never get a chance to care about a single character and they are all very one note characters.

With the plot being all over the place and no real central idea sticking through to the end you may find that the film seems to drag on and you end up looking at your watch and wondering when it will be over 45 minutes into the film. The shining moment in the film is that the Predators themselves look great and do some really cool things throughout the film but it is not enough to make the film worth the viewing time.

Predator proves that you can make a mess of a simple formula. This film is messy and muddles from start to finish. I would skip out on this one in the theater and most likely on streaming services too. Cinema Wise gives Predator a 1 out of 5.

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