Birds of Prey

This film was one I was skeptical about because of the trailers and marketing. In the trailers, Birds of Prey appeared to be a film that was all over the place and messy. The trailers each showed very different tones from the first to the last. So, I went into the film with my expectations tempered.

The film opens very well. You are able to understand why everything looks so messy in the trailers right from the beginning. Harley Quinn is an unreliable narrator and they found a way to make that work in their favor. With our main character being a little eccentric and crazy, the nature of the film being all over the place seems to fit in perfectly and becomes a character of its own; the mind of Harley Quinn.

The story jumps around a lot however I think this is a tactic to keep your interest more than anything else. I believe that if the story would have been told more linearly it would have been less likely to hold your attention. The colors they use in the film with all the pinks and blues are great and really fit well with the theme of the character which is what drives this film.

It was nice to see them use a newer take of Harley Quinn from the films on screen and bring it to life. The New 52 comic version of Harley was one that I read and I enjoyed. Seeing this brought to the screen was enjoyable to watch. The cast is great but the film lives and dies with weather you liked Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. There are some great supporting characters but they seem to be under developed.

Birds of Prey is another attempt that shows that you can tell a story in the world of Batman without having the dark knight in the film. The film is a messy, funny and enjoyable time in the theater. Margot Robbie disappears in this character, showing yet again why they took the best part of Suicide Squad and put her in her own film. Cinema Wise gives Birds of Prey a 3 out of 5.

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