Deadpool 2

The Merc with the mouth is back for his second stand alone movie and I could not be more excited to dive into the fun. The first film was so refreshing and new and showed how much fun you can have with a character like this. Well, Deadpool 2 continues with the same feel of the first without becoming tiresome or played out. The film captures the magic of the first film and as you could say you caught lightning in a bottle for a second time.

Ryan Reynolds is so dialed into this character. All of the characters who return to this film are building on what the first movie gave us. The additions of the new characters serve the film well and no one is really a throw away. The threats in the film are timed and spaced out and the twists and turns unfold at a great pacing. All 3 acts in this film flow fluidly and have no disconnect. However, if you are able to catch some sort of disconnect, the writers of the film have inserted some well placed jokes that make you enjoy the film so much that this can be easily overlooked.

The ability of the writers to poke fun at their competition as well as at themselves yet again is just perfect. Ryan Reynolds himself takes a couple to the chin as well and it’s great to see. It is some of the best comedy writing I have seen in a long time. The jokes seem earned and placed in their proper places.

Deadpool 2 is an amazing time in the theater and is paced well with the perfect amount of comedy, action, and new thrills mixed in. This is hands down the most fun I have had in the theater so far in 2018. Cinema Wise gives Deadpool 2 a 4.5 out of 5. A must see!

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  1. Dan O. says:

    Fun for sure. Just not as good as the first. Nice review.


  2. ssimms320 says:

    Love your review!


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