Spider-Man into the Spider- Verse

This is a Spider-Man story that I was fairly familiar with and I loved the new twist. With multiple universes and multiple Spider-Men, it could be a daunting tale to tell and keep a general audience following the story. This is also the first Spider-Man story where we are not following Peter Parker. So, we add another layer of confusion to the possible outcome. I am happy to say that the producers navigate these waters with the greatest of ease. This is a story that informs without dragging on and keeps the interest of the viewer from start to finish.

We follow Miles Morales as the story of his origins of Spider-Man begin. The story seems to unfold organically throughout the film and the twists and turns are amazing. The story builds and relies heavily on character moments. These moments are carefully crafted and bring you on a beautiful yet emotional journey. The film also walks a very fine line of being able to poke fun at itself while still seeming to be a love letter to the character that the story revolves around. The messages in this film shine through and make this film instantly rewatchable for audiences of all ages.

The voice cast of the film is one of the best casts I have seen since The LEGO Movie. Being able to share each one of the Spider-Men’s story and have the emotion come through on all levels but also never stealing the light from Miles Morales’ story is an amazing tightrope to walk.

Cinema Wise gives Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse a 4.5 out of 5. This may be the best Spider-Man story that we have seen come to the big screen. This can be cemented after a few more viewings. Spider—Man into the Spider-Verse is a must see in the theaters.

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