Jordan Peele does it again, quickly becoming a new master of the Horror/ Thriller genre. Us is a must see in theaters. See it before everyone spoils the multiple twists and turns that this film holds. The film is told through a series of flashbacks and present-day events. We follow a family through their summer vacation in California where they meet a weird version of themselves.

The cast is phenomenal, but the film rides on the back of Lupita Nyong’o. She is so subtle in this film but delivers a powerful performance. The emotion she displays throughout the film is so compelling. The way she portrays two versions of herself while also demonstrating the vast differences between the two characters is the best I have ever seen. The pacing of the movie is very slow and at times it seems to creep along. However, at the twists and turns it pays off. The movie is shot very well. Although this is categorized as a horror movie, it is not full of jump scares or heavy gore. It falls more into the realm of psychological thriller.

Us is a must see in theaters and is good for multiple viewings. I love the way it has you thinking from the opening to the end credits and for that matter leaves your mind spinning hours after you leave the theater. Probably the best horror film I have seen since It, and will be hard to be knocked off our best of 2019 list. Cinema Wise gives Us a 4.5 out of 5.

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