Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood

Well, I’m not the biggest Quentin Tarantino fan. His films seem to be big hits or big misses for me. This film was one I was interested in for the simple fact of an amazing cast and it has the mansion murders involved. Well, the film just seemed to have no idea what the story was. It took the hook of the movie and barely made it a part of the story. 

Lucky for the film, the cast is awesome from head to toe. But with basically no storyline to the film, it is hard to keep momentum going . Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt have great chemistry and are great to watch on screen. They do great as these characters. I just wish we could have seen more to show how they developed their relationship and more of what they did together to make up for the lack of story we received. Although we don’t get to see enough of the relationship between the two, they do well with showing us their individual side stories throughout the film. 

Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood is a film lacking direction and story. The potential for something great was there but is missed. This is a film to wait for your streaming service. Cinema wise gives Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood a 2 out of 5.

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